Simple Machines Project

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ACME Simple Machine Company

ACME Simple Machine Company makes and sells simple machines to make life easier for people in their homes. The company wants to know where most of the simple machines are used, so they can build better products.

The company has hired you to study machines in homes and report to the homeowner and the ACME Company.

You will study four rooms in a house online and complete a study data table.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Click here to start.”
  3. On the Edheads website, click on “Click Here to Start”
  4. Explore each room in The House.
  5. On your Simple Machines Data Table,
·         Describe each simple machine you find. For example, in the Garage, under Wheel & Axle, you might write “Wheels on the car”.

·         Answer the questions on the back.

When you are finished with The House, explore the Garage.
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