Yes, you CAN earn EXTRA CREDIT!

FIRST - Make sure you are caught up with all other assignments!
THEN - Choose extra credit assignments from this page OR talk to Mr. Mackey about your own ideas.

Collect Minerals

Make a collection of six different minerals.
Label each mineral with:
  • Name of Mineral
  • Where it was collected
  • When (date) it was collected
  • Your name
You will have to study about the different kinds of minerals and you have to know where you collected the mineral!

What do we know about Mars?

What spacecraft have been sent to Mars?
Find out about one of them and write at least two paragraphs describing the spacecraft and what scientists discovered about Mars with it.
Make sure your paragraph:
  • Names the spacecraft
  • Describes what it looks like. (You can draw a picture!)
  • Tells what scientists discovered about Mars

Make a collection of elements

Bring samples of pure elements to class. For example, bring an aluminum can as a sample of the element Aluminum.
Create a label for each sample that includes the name of the object, the element name, and the "square" from the periodic table.

Biome Travel Report

Write a report about a trip you've taken to a biome other than the one Austin, Texas is in. Name the biome you visited. Include details about how you traveled and when you traveled. Elaborate on the plants, animals, and climate of that biome.

What Biome???

What biome do you live in? What biomes have you visited?

Take the Biome Survey below for Extra Credit.

    The Biome Survey