6th Grade Energy Sources Project

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Go to these websites to research your energy source:

Here's some new websites to go to:
Energy Kids

Kids & Energy
On Kids & Energy, click on the "Energy Basics" and "New Energy" tabs.

Energy Quest http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/
On the Energy Quest website, click on the "Energy Story" tab at the top!

Energy Resources http://www.darvill.clara.net/altenerg/
Infinite Power http://www.infinitepower.org/

The Project:

You've been hired by the City of Austin to research and report to the Energy Committee about an energy source assigned to you.

You're assignment:
  • A 5 paragraph paper, 1 to 2 pages long, describing your assigned energy source, its advantages and disadvantages, and your recommendations for Austin.
  • A visual poster that illustrates your energy source and your paper.
Your project must:
  • Describe your energy source.
  • Explain how your energy source will generate electricity.
  • Explain advantages.
  • Explain disadvantages.
  • Tell why your energy source would be good for Austin.


Explain how your energy source generates electricity:
  • Look at the notes on p. 78-79 in your journal! You have drawings of power plants.
  • Remember most power plants work by heating water to make steam that turns the turbines that turn the generator to make electricity.
  • Most energy sources are just ways to make heat to heat up the water!
Tell why your energy source would be good for Austin:
  • Focus on and think about the ADVANTAGES of your energy source!

Find out more about Austin's Energy Sources!