Mr. Mackey teaches 6th and 7th Grade Science for 2010-2011...
Here are some class procedures we will follow:

Supplies & Materials You'll Need

  • Spiral Notebook
  • Pen or pencil
  • colored pencils
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • small calculator

The Message Box

Whenever you have a note for Mr. Mackey - gradesheet, checksheet, note about makeup work, note from your parent or guardian, etc. - put it in the Message Box at the beginning of class!

Make Up Work

If you miss class for any reason, you can make up the work. If you do it right away, you can get full credit. If you wait, you can receive only passing credit (70).
do you do?
Write Mr. Mackey a note and LEAVE IT IN THE MESSAGE BOX!
On the note, write your name, when you were absent, and why you were absent.

Some suggestions!

Spiral Notebook: This is your science journal. Get two inexpensive spiral notebooks- one for each semester. Buy them now while they're cheap.
Pen or pencil: It doesn't matter which. Bring it every day!
Colored pencils: Just a few colors will be fine. You'll use them to color diagrams and when you take and review notes.
Glue sticks: We'll use them often. They're the best way to put papers in your journal.
Scissors: Just plain and small will do.
Calculator: You can always use a calculator in class, even on tests, if it helps.